Why are wooden playing cards so popular?

Play Cards are a new trend that’s slowly gaining popularity in hospitals.

According to a report from the American Hospital Association, the hospital industry is set to see a $2.3 billion increase in sales of wooden playing card products over the next five years.

Wooden playing cards are created by carving out the shape of the card, then cutting out the edges with a sharp blade.

This results in an attractive surface, which is used for playing cards and other entertainment products.

According the American Academy of Hospitals, a third of hospitals are now using a wooden playing surface.

While the American Association of University Hospitals notes that wood is softer than steel, it doesn’t have to be.

It can be made of a solid material that’s hard and durable, such as plastic.

There are a variety of playing surfaces available.

According a report by the American Institute of Hospitality and Tourism, there are three different types of playing cards available in hospitals: Wood, Cardboard and Solid.

The American Hospital and Hospitality Association’s (AHHTA) report said that hospitals in the United States are utilizing a total of 4.2 million playing cards.

The largest percentage of hospital cards, at $1.6 billion, is used to play games such as chess, bingo and poker.

According its website, hospitals use about 2.4 million playing card sets annually.

The company also released a video that explains how to make your own playing cards: https://youtu.be/x3QeU5J4qf4