Why Batman is Playing Cards

This is Batman playing cards.

Batman has no problem wearing Bat-t-shirt and playing cards, but his favorite card is the Batmobile.

The Batmobile is a classic of the modern era of Batman, and it’s one of the few things he’s never owned in the DC Universe.

This Batmobile was built to transport Batman to the Batcave to confront Batman’s nemesis, The Joker, in a showdown that could very well be the end of the world.

The Batmanmobile was originally used to travel the streets of Gotham in the 1960s, but the original Batmobile wasn’t the most popular vehicle in the city.

The first Batmobile to be built was built in 1952, and the vehicle was used extensively in the 1970s to transport Superman, Wonder Woman, and others to and from the planet Krypton.

Batman himself was able to drive a Batmobile, and even used it as his personal vehicle throughout the decades.

The last Batmanmobile, a prototype that was destroyed by The Joker in the early 1960s and the only remaining prototype of the Batpod, was destroyed in 1967.

The final Batmobile that was built, an armored version of the vehicle that was used by the Gotham City Police Department in the 1940s, is now used by Batman.

As Batman has retired from the world of crime, his beloved Batmobile has been in storage for over fifty years.

The original Bat-mobile has seen better days, but it’s been restored to its former glory and is still on display at the Bat Museum in Gotham.

The vehicle’s current owner, David Perna, has kept the original vehicle running as a museum exhibit.

He recently decided to retire the Bat-vehicle to make room for a new Batmobile and its first passenger, a woman named Tula.

Tula has been a part of the Gotham Batmobile crew since she was a young girl and is responsible for the Batcar’s first few rides.

Tulas adventures started when she was born in the 1920s, and she has lived to see Batman, Robin, and Green Lantern, among others, return to Gotham City.

She has since been known to drive the Batmob, and her story has also been told in the film, Batman Begins.

The car has been restored several times and is currently on display in the Bat museum.

We’ll be sure to check in with David Penza and his team over the next few weeks to see if he’s able to bring the Batmobiles Batmobile back to life.