Hermes Playing Cards – New Card Pack is Coming in 2018

The Hermes card game will make its return to the market in 2018 with a new set of cards.

The first new Hermes set to hit the market since the original Hermes cards launched in 2014 will be the new “Aquatic and Amphibious” pack, which is due to be released on February 22.

The Aquatic and Aromatic packs have the same contents as the “Aqueous” pack which will arrive on February 18.

The Aromantic pack will include the same aquatic creatures as the Aquatic pack.

The first new card to hit stores for the Hermes game is “The Black Cat”, a cat-like character.

It is the first Hermes expansion pack.

It will be released in February, but you can grab a look at the art on the cover of the card below.

The artwork on the back of the pack shows a black cat and a cat with a white belly.

A new version of the Herms card game was announced in February and will see the inclusion of new cards from the original “Hermes” cards.

This new version includes new creatures and new cards that allow players to play the game on the same board.

The original “Hexagon” game will also make its way to the new Herms set, but this time it will be updated with a few new cards and a new rule.

The Hexagon game is the new Hexagonal game.

In Hexagon, players take turns stacking cards of the same colour on the board.

If they have the correct number of cards in their hand, they will win.

Players can use their “Hedgehogs” to move their cards up the board by using the “Hover” ability.

The Hedgehog can move a card up or down the board at will, as well as use the “Catch” ability to catch a card.

This game can be played in three phases: the first is a “game of luck”, in which players place their cards face up, the second is a game of “stacking”, in where players use their cards to build their deck and the third is a random event, in which the players try to “catch” a “Curse” card from the deck.