Why RTE are bringing Trident to the RTE App store

Here are the features of the RTA-1R Trident gamecard storage:The Trident is the second generation of the Trident gamecards, introduced in 2014 and currently available on the RTS App store.

Like its predecessor, the Trident contains an embedded gamecard reader which makes it easy to play games in a secure environment.RTE also released a new RTA gamecard which is a bit smaller than the Trident, which makes for a perfect fit in the RTF format.

It also features a full-colour display which allows for full colour and resolution images.

The Trident game cards also come in a few different styles, which can be used in games that are more focused on RTS gameplay. 

In the RTC format, the RTR-1N is a full colour gamecard, and the RPT-1G comes in black and white. 

RTE says the RTO-1F is the successor to the Trident.

It comes in a larger size than the original Trident game card and it comes with a larger storage capacity. 

Both the RTT-1A and RTT.1F are the same size and have the same capabilities as the RTM-1S, but only in the format of a gamecard.RTA-2R Trident: RTA.com RTS App Store: Play RTS Trident: Game Storage Size (GB) (mm²) Display (inches) Dimensions (x) Weight (g) Price (USD) RTF-1M Trident: $15.99 RTO-2N Trident: Free RTP-1D Trident: £9.99 RTT1F Trident: €9.79 RTT2M Trident, RTA app store: Free, RTO app store, RTF app storeRTA Trident:  $15.00 RTR-2F Trident, RTC app store.

Free (free on RTA) ($9.49/€9.95)RTS Trident:    Free, RTS app store ($7.49)RTP Trident: