I think the first time I played Final Fantasy VII, I was really scared

I think I was terrified when I first started playing Final Fantasy IX.

It was the very first time a game I had never played had an official story, and I was still in school, working on my M.A. thesis, and trying to get an M.

Ed. in computer science.

And when the game first came out, I thought, Oh my god, I can’t believe that I’m playing Final Fantasic IX.

Then, when I was finished with my thesis and started playing, it was just incredible.

I had just grown up in a small town, and all of a sudden I had my own universe.

I was in a room with these characters, I played their worlds, I had these incredible conversations with them, I realized this was my world.

It wasn’t just the game.

I just loved it.

As a kid, I loved Final Fantasy and the characters, but when I got older, I stopped playing because I realized, That’s just not my world anymore.

The only thing I really got into in Final Fantasy VIII was Final Fantasy XIII, because I had this really cool, crazy, and very funny fan art that I was drawing.

And as I was doing this fan art, I started getting really worried.

What’s happening in my story?

What’s going on?

Are there some characters that are just completely out of the frame?

And I thought I was a fool for not playing it, but then I realized that I should have, because the story wasn’t really my thing.

The story of Final Fantasy X and X-2 were my big passions at the time, so I was kind of like, Wait, if Final Fantasy XI is my thing, why is this Final Fantasy thing not my thing?

As far as I know, Final Fantasy XIV is my only Final Fantasy game, and that was the first Final Fantasy title I ever played.

I have this very intense and nostalgic love for Final Fantasy, and when Final Fantasy XV comes out, it’s just the best thing to ever happen to me.

So I’m just really, really excited about it.