How to Make a Vintage Playing Card Game

This deck of cards will be perfect for your next tournament.

Each deck comes with 20 cards, making it easy to assemble.

They also come with two sleeves and a blank face card.

These cards are perfect for making deck-building games, card games, or other games that need to be played quickly.

The deck includes: 15 Classic Playing Cards – A selection of classic playing cards from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s.

5 Vintage Playing Cards and 1 Extra – A pair of cards that are both vintage playing card cards.

5 Playing Cards from the Vintage Series – Classic playing cards that represent the most iconic of all time.

8 Play Cards – Vintage playing cards featuring classic, iconic artists and artists of the time.

A blank, random, and blank card.

1 Play Card – A random play card that is unique to the deck.

The playing cards are all designed by our own artist, the artist behind the cards below.