Why don’t you wear a dress?

The British tabloid The Sun revealed today that the women featured in the magazine’s cover photo are naked.

The photo of the women, who are dressed as the characters from Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’, was taken on June 5th at the annual International Convention Centre in Cannes, France.

The cover features four naked women wearing only stockings and high heels, and the caption reads: “I am naked but my friends think I am attractive.”

The newspaper claims the cover was taken to “ensure the magazine was not taken out of context”.

However, the magazine says it was taken out in accordance with the guidelines, and that the publication’s staff and creative team were aware of the rules and had been following them closely.

“It is important to recognise that the rules for nudity are not set in stone and therefore do not apply to every single publication.

In addition, we have a duty of care to our editorial team, editorial staff and staff of the staff of The Sun to ensure the image is only used in an appropriate way for our readership,” a spokesperson for the magazine said in a statement.