Washington Wizards: ‘Skeleton playing card’ to be phased out

Playing cards are a staple of the Wizards roster.

Now, the team plans to phase them out in favor of playing cards with more traditional, more fun design elements.

The team is considering eliminating the “skeleton” playing cards in favor, instead, of using a more “fun” playing card design.

Players could opt for a new type of playing card called “Skeleton” or a new kind of “Playmate” card, the Wizards said.

It is unclear what the new cards will be called, or how they will be manufactured.

The Wizards have been working on an updated version of their old playing cards for years, which they say were more of a novelty product.

They are now planning to roll out a new playing card for the 2018-19 season that would feature a new color scheme, new artwork, a new name and a new logo.

The new cards are expected to debut this summer.

While the new “soul” playing and playing cards will not replace the old cards, they are expected on the sidelines of the game for players who prefer a more modern design.

The new cards also could be a new way for Wizards to promote the team, which has struggled to attract younger fans.

The playing cards have been popular for decades, and the team has played with the cards since 1995, when the team changed its name to the Wizards of America.

The company also made its first official card with the word “Wizards” printed on it, a 1993 card featuring the name “Warden of the Guilds” and a logo.

The company has sold more than 15 million playing cards since 1996, when it was founded.

The card was used in more than 30 million games of Magic: The Gathering, which was created by the same company that made the original game.

The original card, which came with an oversized picture of the company logo on one side, was sold out in its first few weeks.

The cards have long been used by Wizards, but they are no longer a part of the team’s merchandise, according to the company.

The team plans on introducing new cards to the line, which will be available for purchase online.