How to draw naked playing cards for your children

A woman’s life was changed forever when she decided to draw her daughter naked, and the family says the cards helped her forget about her own depression and trauma.

Alyssa’s daughter, Grace, 13, was born with Down syndrome in December 2017 and was diagnosed with Down’s syndrome two years later.

“It just gave her the opportunity to explore the world without the fear of being bullied,” Grace’s mother, Kelly, told

“She was just a normal child.”

Kelly’s daughter was born prematurely and Grace was told her mother would be unable to care for her.

“I was just so excited about her.

I felt so happy and so relieved.

I was like, ‘Oh my God, I can do this,'” Kelly said.

But when Grace began to experience serious depression, her mother became desperate to draw nude cards for her daughter.

“So, I started to draw them and it was like a revelation,” Kelly said of the cards she found.

“They had this very, very strong, very, beautiful expression, and I was very impressed by it.”

“They were like, like, beautiful, I don’t know if you’ve ever seen this expression before.”‘

They were just beautiful, they had this strong, beautiful’Kelly said she would often ask Grace how she was doing.

“And I would say, ‘What is your problem?

What’s the problem?’.

And she would always say, like you’ve never seen that before.'”

Kelly said when Grace’s life changed, Kelly found her a therapist and helped her to understand that her daughter was just living her life.

“You know, Grace was very different than what I knew.

She had very little social interaction, she had very few friends, she wasn’t very outgoing,” Kelly told News24.

Kelly said it took some time for her to accept Grace as a person.

“As a young woman, she didn’t feel comfortable with herself.

And she didn