How to make a plastic playing card for your kids

A plastic playing cards that is made of recycled plastic instead of plastic itself will be coming to children’s playrooms in Australia soon, as part of a pilot project.

Key points:A plastic playing piece made from recycled plastic will be arriving to childrens playrooms across the country in 2017The program aims to encourage play with a plastic materialThe aim is to encourage children to use the materials they are given rather than buy them for themselvesThe program will be piloted in the Sydney suburb of North Gippsland, with other areas around Australia expected to follow suit in the coming years.

The idea is to promote the use of plastic rather than plastic, and to encourage parents to use them instead of disposable ones.

It was conceived in a meeting with local council in 2016, when the project team had to discuss how to develop a new plastic playing set for children.

The first plastic set was used to play a traditional card game called the Queen’s Gambit, which uses a variety of different plastic cards.

“A lot of kids have a lot of fun with that, and we realised that with this plastic playing surface, they can play the Queen or a queen card, and it’s also a great toy for a kid to play with, and that they’re not going to buy them themselves,” project manager Matt Gomes said.

“So that’s why we thought why not make a playmat, and use the plastic for the playmat as well.”

It’s a play surface that’s also reusable.

“The plastic is recycled from recycled packaging and plastic containers, as well as recycled packaging materials.”

We have a few plastics that are very heavy-duty plastics, which is why they’re all made of plastic,” Mr Gomes explained.”

But the plastic is also a non-toxic, biodegradable, recyclable material.

“He said the plastic would be used in the new playmat set to reduce the amount of plastic used for packaging and packaging materials, and could be recycled back into the packaging if needed.

The new plastic playmat is made from a plastic mix, and can be used for all ages, but has a design that encourages children to think about play rather than play with something they have already bought for themselves.

The plastic can also be recycled into other play mats, and the company is working with schools in South Australia and Victoria to develop the program in the two states.”

The main thing with the plastic playing mats is that they are made from biodegradeable plastics,” Mr Griswold said.

The program is one of several initiatives that the company hopes to tackle.

The company has created a plastic play mat set with a variety, including a play mat for the whole family and one for a child under three.

It has also created plastic play mats for the blind and low vision users.”

One of the things that we’ve been able to find through the pilot program is that we can create a new play mat that’s more functional than a regular play mat,” Mr Groves said.

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