Why we bought the new metal playing card set: It’s more affordable

By Arav Einav and Zvi MalkaThe Jerusalem Post – 3D Playing Cards (5)Metal Playing Cards are made by a company in the US, but they can be found in Israel, where they’re more affordable.

Here are the playing cards that are currently on sale in Israel.

They can be ordered online at the store or by mail from a variety of local online shops, or they can even be ordered in-store from the manufacturer.

The most expensive metal playing deck available in Israel is the 3D playing card game “Zav, Zav,” which costs 7,000 shekels ($2,800) per set.

That is almost twice as much as the prices of the regular playing cards in Israel ($6,200), but that price does not include the postage, packaging and delivery fees.

The prices for the playing card sets are as follows:The most affordable metal playing set in Israel: 3D Card gameZav Zav Playing Cards is a 2D playing game for 2 to 8 players.

There are a variety to choose from, but most players prefer the more colorful, metal-colored playing cards.

The 3D set includes 50 plastic cards, including 12 metallic cards.

It also comes with a plastic cover for playing with the plastic cards.

The best selling 3D card game in IsraelThe best-selling 3D deck in Israel has to be the “Zephir,” a set of 20 playing cards made by the company Mirel.

It’s sold online in the United States and in Israeli stores.

Mirell also sells metal playing decks for other types of games, like the game “Barefoot,” which can be played with cards printed in silver, gold or blue.

The Mirelei playing cards are made in the USA and come in different sizes.

The largest are 8.5×11 inches and the smallest, 4.5 x 7.5 inches.

The Mireel plastic deck is sold in the same plastic bag as the plastic playing cards; however, it comes with one extra card per game, so there is a limit on the number of players.

The company does not make metal playing games for the American market.

Metal playing cards can be purchased in the Mirelera store in Tel Aviv.

It has three stores in the city, and they are located on the Tel Aviv-Ben Gurion Expressway, near the Tel-Aviv International Airport and near the Be’er Sheva Station.

The Tel Aviv Mirelese store is open from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

The store is also open from 7:00 to 6 a..m.; Monday through Saturday.

The Be’ersheva Mirelse store, located in the Tel Baruch district, is open until 7:30 p.b.m.(Image credit: Shlomi Gershtein)The Tel Baruchs Mirela store is located in Jerusalem’s Old City, on the second floor of the former Al Mehadrin Jewish Agency building.(Image source: Israel Antiquities Authority)The Israeli Mirelise store at Jerusalem’s main street in the Old City.(Image: Israel Museum of History and Archaeology)The store has three locations in the center of Jerusalem, including a branch in the northern part of the Old city, near Tel Aviv, and a branch on the western edge of the city.

The first of the three stores is located near the old synagogue on the site of the historic Be’eri Synagogue.

The second is located at the old al-Mehadrin synagogue in the Beit Shemesh settlement in the north of the West Bank.

The third location is located on Tel Baruchen, a street in Jerusalem that is mostly empty and is the entrance to the OldCity.

The stores are open seven days a week and are open for lunch and dinner.

There is no charge for parking in the stores, and there are no vending machines inside.

There is also a separate store in the southern part of Jerusalem called the Al Mehirah, or store of the day, which is open on weekends and holidays.

A parking lot with kiosks, an outdoor courtyard and a café also exists on the outskirts of the old Old City.

The price of the metal playing sets vary depending on the manufacturer:Some players prefer to order the plastic decks at a discount, but others prefer the metal-based sets.

The metal playing playing cards for “Zev, Zev” in Israel can be bought online at Amazon.com and at Amazon’s own stores.

The metal playing game, which costs $6,000, comes with 10 plastic cards and a plastic plastic cover.

The plastic playing card maker in IsraelMetal playing card manufacturer Mireli is a company with offices in the UK and Australia. The